With BonHome,
your home is
always clean!
With BonHome,
your home is
always clean!
About Us
BonHome is a meticulously crafted collection of cleaning supplies designed with expertise and a dedication to cleanliness and convenience. It offers everything you might need at reasonable prices.
Our range includes a wide selection of dish sponges and brushes, cleaning cloths and gloves, breakfast and freezer bags,
garbage bags, foil, parchment paper, food wrap, and much more. Don’t let your life be consumed by mundane routines! Our solutions will enable you to complete your household chores quickly and move on to more important tasks because a clean home not only makes it easier to breathe but also makes it much more enjoyable to unwind. Make yourself comfortable with BonHome products!
Our Products
  • Home Cleaning Home Cleaning
  • Cooking Cooking
  • Dishwashing Dishwashing
  • Storage & Disposal Storage & Disposal
Home Cleaning Cleaning Cloths, 3 pcs.
Home Cleaning Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set, 5 pcs.
Home Cleaning Versatile Tear-Off Viscose Wipes
Home Cleaning Floor Cloth
Home Cleaning Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set, 3 pcs.
Home Cleaning Viscose Cleaning Cloth, 10 pcs.
Home Cleaning Rubber Cleaning Gloves, 2 Pairs
Home Cleaning Cleaning Gloves, 10 pcs.
Cooking Oven Bag, 0.3x3 m (1x10 ft.)
Cooking Parchment Paper, 6 m (20 ft.)
Cooking BonHome Food Wrap, 20 m (66 ft.)
Cooking Aluminum Foil, 15 m (49 ft.)
Dishwashing Dish Sponge, 8 pcs.
Dishwashing Dish Sponge with Holder
Dishwashing Metal Dish Scrubber, 4 pcs.
Dishwashing Silicone Brush
Storage & Disposal Handle-Tie Freezer Bags, 3L (0.8 gal), 50 pcs.
Storage & Disposal Breakfast Bags, 1L (0.3 gal), 200 pcs.
Storage & Disposal Handle-Tie Garbage Bags, 60L (16 gal), 15 pcs.
Storage & Disposal Contractor Bags, 240L (63 gal), 10 pcs.
Tip 1
Dry microfiber cloths after use to avoid bacteria growth in a moist environment.
Tip 2
Sterilize your dish sponges in a dishwasher or in a microwave oven for 30-60 seconds.
Tip 3
Use foil or baking paper to roast meat or fish without adding oil. This way you’ll get a juicy dish without extra calories!
Tip 4
To avoid streaks, wipe polished and glass surfaces with wet wipes up to down or from one side to the other.
Tip 5
Freezer bags are an ideal solution for freezing and storing fruit and vegetables, as they help preserve all the vitamins.
Tip 6
To make handling your food wrap easier, store it in the refrigerator. This will help keep it firm, prevent tears, and reduce its tendency to cling to itself.
Customer Feedback
Floor Cloth

«A good aide for floor cleaning. It leaves no streaks, smears, or debris behind. Durable cotton absorbs moisture well.»

Parchment Paper

«It’s much easier to bake with parchment paper — your food doesn’t stick and you don’t have to wash your baking sheet afterwards. This parchment paper is really handy and affordable. I highly recommend it!»

BonHome Gloves

«To make sure my hands look just as good after cleaning, I wear BonHome gloves. They cost so little and last so long.»

Freezer Bags

«I highly recommend these bags, not only for those who hoard items, but also for anyone who can find alternative uses for them. Even if you don’t use them specifically for freezing purposes, these bags are versatile and worth having. They come in handy in all sorts of situations.»

Dish Sponges

«These sponges are my must-have #1 in the kitchen for now. These are the only ones I use, I do love their quality. I strongly advise purchasing them!»


«I have no idea how folks managed without foil. BonHome foil is just perfect — you can use it to bake meat or wrap and store food.»